Value of SASE: Connect and Defend the Network

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Let’s look at a few examples of how customers are using these approaches to accelerate their business:

Nexpertis: Next-Generation Firewall

Flourishing businesses need scalable resources, and that extends down to the network. Fast-growing Nexpertis understood that its success with its cloud-based service depended on building reliable access from its data center to its customers.

After reviewing the available options, Forcepoint’s Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) stood out for its ability to ensure the security of Nexpertis’ data and its customers while in transit. The wide array of channels the NGFW extended coverage to and its reverse proxy functionality made it an easy choice.

Business Value: Two years after adopting NGFW, Nexpertis has doubled in size with key acquisitions of large customers – thanks in part to the scalability and high-availability clustering of the NGFW.

Italian Appliance Manufacturer: NGFW

International expansion for an Italian appliance manufacturer meant standing up expensive MPLS connections at all its 33 branches. In a bid to simplify its complicated infrastructure, the company turned to Forcepoint’s NGFW.

Leveraging the built in SD-WAN, the company was able to replace its MPLS in favor of the DSL links available to each site. The Forcepoint Security Management Center (SMC) enabled the IT team to centralize management and deploy future NGFWs remotely.

Business Value: Immediate cost-savings were compounded by the benefits of centralized network management for over one hundred firewalls deployed across the world.



Amidst a transition to a hybrid cloud built primarily on Office 365, BAYERNOIL felt a need to maintain better connections – a place it had struggled in the past. It upgraded its Forcepoint NGFW to gain new capabilities that would help the IT team meet its goals.

The high-availability clustering and SMC available in Forcepoint’s NGFW made the transition from the 1000 Series to the 3000 Series seamless. Installing one firewall at a time, BAYERNOIL was able to maintain consistent communications with Office 365 – an area it struggled with in the past due to Office 365 resources continuously cycling for security purposes.

Business Value: Forcepoint’s NGFW gave BAYERNOIL the network infrastructure and security it needed to transition to the hybrid cloud, while maintaining high standards for compliance.


Setting the Foundation for a Hybrid Workforce

Rapidly changing workforces call for agile network infrastructures. Forcepoint’s NGFW with SD-WAN delivers the functionality IT teams need to maintain visibility and scalability.

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